Friday, September 24, 2010

Photoshoot for Dubai based Designer Z for Z collection by Zaeem

Hey everyone
Just a quick update!
Did a shoot today on the palm Jumeirah for the new collection for Dubai based designer Zaeem. His collection called "Z for Z collection" was couture gowns inspired by angels and archangels and the colors they represent. Very interesting concept and different. I got to work with a very famous top photographer based in India called Saurabh Dua. He has amazing work check out his website :
I have some backstage pics of the makeup which was very clean pure and angelic. And beautiful model and fellow Italian Evelyn was just that! I will show you the finished images of the shoot as soon as i get them , their amazing!

In the meantime heres a sneak peak into my kit and a shot of the look...
Until next time!
Ciao bellas!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Studying for Exams

Hey all!
As you know i am in the process of finishing off with beauty therapy college, and next week are my final exams.
Iv had one week of study leave to which i barely did any studying at all, so now as a true procrastinator I shall pack in everything last minute. Due to this, I haven't had any time to record new videos unfortunately!
But i promise first week of October Il be flooding you guys with tutorials and new blog posts! 
So wish me luck guys and Il update you with how it all went next weekend!
Much love
Ciao bellas 
PS I found this pic in my computer of dinner sometime last year! Lots of fun and giggles !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn Winter 2010 Makeup Trends

Hey chicas!

So i have been browsing the runway pics for makeup trends coming this autumn- winter, and let me tell you there are clearly three that stand out the most for me :

1. The first is the copper, bronze,gold washes of eyeshadow keeping it quite minimal, with a lot of contour, but all very blended with no edges to be seen!
2. The second is the complete opposite, which is dark smokey rich blacks, blues plums and burgundy eyes and lips all very vampy and Gothic , which i adoooorrreee!!!!!!
3. If your one who likes the minimalist look but still wants to look glamorous and made up, there is something for you too! Vampy glamour with a touch of pin up (think Evan Rachel Wood as "The vampire Queen" in True Blood) For the ones who haven't seen the show,  Scarlett Johansons latest ad for Dolce and Gabbana makeup is the look were all going crazy for!
Here are a couple pics i have for reference!

Take inspiration from these trends and update your look!
I will be doing some makeup tutorials inspired by these beautiful images in the next coming weeks!
Pull out your makeup kit and play around!
Until next time!
Ciao Bellas!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Photoshoot for Sony - Online Press release

Hey everyone!

So a while back i collaborated with my favorite super talented team of photographers in Dubai Mariyah and Tina from 77th street productions and did another great shoot featuring the world's smallest and lightest interchange lens digital camera, Sony Gulf FZE revealed its latest product range of the Sony Nex 3 & 5.
Of course, i did the makeup and grooming on both the models for this shoot. The female model's look was strong dark smokey black eyes, very edgy and soft pink glossy lips in one of the shots, and for another shot it was kept clean and natural with just a hint of color on the lips.
Grooming for men is always very minimal, which is to even out skin tone, keeping lips moisturized and brushing brows into place and most importantly preventing a shiny face!
Thanks to the beautiful models Evelyn (fellow Italian) and Sam.
And of course thanks to Tina and Mariyah for continuing to trust me to do my magic on shoots :) Love you guys!
 P.S check out Mariyah and Tinas Fantastic fashion and photography blogs
Ciao bellas!
Ales xoxo

Quick & easy Smokey eyes tutorial

Hey everyone!

So today i finally recorded my first EVER makeup tutorial! i kept it pretty simple to start with since i still need to practice my editing and gain some more confidence in talking to a camera but I'm happy how it turned out and super excited to make more!
The look was a simple, quick, classic black Smokey eye, but the twist was..using only one brush to do the eyes!
Alot of times , everyday women who aren't makeup junkies or makeup artists don't own alot of brushes because they cant afford them, or simply cause they don't know how to use half of the ones that are sold on the market!
So this tutorial is to show you that even I as an artist can use just one eyeshadow brush to do this smokey look with no fuss..and so can you!

What I used

Cetaphil moisturizer (as my base)
MAC studio Fix fluid Foundation NC 40
MAC moisture cover concealer NW30
MAC studio fix powder NC41
NYX peach blush
STILA countouring kit
BENEFIT stay dont stray primer
NYX black eyeshadow
EVERSHEEN black eye pencil
MAX FACTOR 2000 calorie mascara
Yves rocher lip pencil nude (any rose colour will do)
Yves rocher lip laquer gloss in rose
Foundation brush (any will do, ex MAC 190)
MAC 239
MAC 116 (i think, its the blush brush)

Heres a pic of the finished look

Check out my Video tutorial!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whats in Alessia's Handbag.wmv

Hey everyone, check out my first video i posted on Saturday 18th September on my youtube channel AlessiaDArtistries!
Stay tuned for my next video which is a makeup tutorial..its processing now!
Ales xoxo

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Inspiration moment

Ciao Bellas!
Last night i went out with my wonderful friends Elias, Catherine, and Mj to some posh places in town and ended up clubbing in Cavalli(Roberto Cavallis club in Dubai). I had a fantastic time.
My inspiration for what to wear came by mistake early on in the day when i went for sushi. I was wearing my hair up in a high bun and had a gold and sparkly headband on. Cath said it suited me because normally i NEVER wear my hair up! .....

So i got dressed in a little black dress and switched the gold headband to a silver one and i instantly felt like my
all time favourite actress, style icon, and amazing woman Audrey Hepburn. My absolute obsession of mine was particularly breakfast at Tiffany's where she played Holly Golightly and i felt like her last night haha!! (And a bit like Amy Winehouse since i was abit drunk)!:)

She is truly such an iconic figure in film and fashion and i always take inspiration from her for makeup looks because she was and always will be a timeless beauty.
Here are some wonderful pics of Audrey and the only pic i took of the night!

I think il do a makeup tutorial with the hairstyle i was wearing sometime soon!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Blog and youtube

Ciao bella's!
So iv Finally decided to start my blog and youtube tutorials. Id like to introduce myself a little bit and tell you what iv in store for the next couple weeks...
Iv been a makeup artist for about 4 years now living and working in Dubai, UAE.
Im italian, but i grew up in the middle east.
Iv always loved beauty coming from Milan, one of the fashion capitals, and also having a very fashion conscious mother so i started from a young age.

I finished high school knowing i wanted to pursue beauty, so i took a short course in makeup and got a job at MAC. I learnt so much working at the counter and getting training, i loved it! Although i wanted a bigger challenge. I decided to pursue my career on my own and go solo. So iv been working as freelancer ever since.
I absolutely adore my job and wouldnt have it any other way. Sometimes, like everyone i get discouraged and insecure but then i get a call and i go do a bride, or a model for a shoot and i get all my confidence back! Cause thats what my job is about! Its my passion, and i cant imagine doing something else.

I now have also started training to qualify in beauty therapy, so by the end of 2010 il have my qualifications in skin,body and aesthetic therapy. I have found another passion to add to my credentials.

I love making women feel good about themselves. Makeup can honestly inspire people and transform. I believe its a true art. You can learn so much about yourself that you never knew.
I started watching youtube channels in 2008 and now im making my own. Stay tuned for my first video...:)
Here are some videos il be doing in the next coming weeks....
* Missoni fall/winter 2010 inspired look
* Perfect skin using simple techniques
* Chocolate smokey eyes/crimson lips trend f/w 2010 trend
* simple smokey eyes using one brush
* Fun video- whats in my handbag?
If you have any requests..please email them to me and id love to do a video for you!

I appreciate constructive feedback, and i believe you can always learn new things everyday and thats how you grow both as a person and as an artist. :)

"There are no rules to makeup"- Kevyn Aucoin

p.s..once my first tutorial is up il post the link on my blog..still trying to learn some editing skills hehe


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