Friday, October 29, 2010

Sophia Loren Inspired makeup

Hello chicas! (and guys)

I did a tutorial for you inspired by one of my favorite Italian actresses, Sophia Loren.
She needs no introduction since shes a legend. Famous for her timeless beauty, curvaceous Italian body and a true talent for acting (academy award and Oscar winning).
I did a makeup look which has the key elements to her signature look..hope you guys like it!
She shot to fame in the late 50s and has been an icon ever since. Her makeup always is immaculate, sexy sultry and very feminine. Known for her smoky, cat like eyes and luscious lips. 
Key elements were matte skin, bronze eyes and defined thick cat liner. Lips were matte too with a little bit of a sheen.

What I used

Smashbox photo finish primer
Graftobian HD creme foundation
Graftobian invisible set powder
Nyx Blush
MAC emote blush (contour)

88 warm palette by coastal scents (diff shades of brown)
Highlight color from palette
MAC smolder pencil
Kryolan black cake eyeliner
Smashbox brow tech

Rimmel 1000 kiss lip liner in "Tiramisu"
MAC myth lipstick
Clear gloss

I loved the fact back then being a woman meant having curves and it wasn't considered "plus size"...she was often called "the Italian Marlyn Monroe" Stunning!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!
Ciao bella's!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KISS "The demon" Halloween Tutorial

Another video for you guys, this time for Halloween...its my first one. I hope i can make a few more before the end of the month. Lets see!
So i chose to recreate a pretty easy one..KISS! Gene Simmons "the demon" is the lead member from the crazy 70s born rock band. 
Its not hard to do just take your time with it and all you need is black and white makeup, and a lot of accessories. I recommend if you decide to go for this on Halloween, get a black wig and tease the life out of it and make sure to really cover your hairline! 

Hope you like it!
Check out the link to the video ...

What i used 

MAC chromacake in pure white
Sleek white eyeshadow
Maybelline brow pencil
Kryolan cake eyeliner in black

Have fun with it guys! 
Ciao xxx

Winter 2010 Armani makeup

Hello makeup junkies!

I have made another tutorial for you. I have been away for a while and now I'm on a roll..uploading a Halloween one in this moment..:)
This tutorial is another trend video, inspired by Armani winter 2010 runway look. Beautiful Smokey rich plum eyes and scarlet lips. Easy to do and you can tone it down if you think its too much .
Hope you enjoy it...

What i used (All MAC unless specified)
StudioFix Fluid NC40
Smashbox Photofinish primer
Mineralize skinfinish Medium Dark
Stila contour kit
Coastal Scents blush palette "mauve" color

Nyx white eyeshadow base
Dazzlelight eyeshadow
Fig 1 matte eyeshadow
Sketch eyeshadow
Prestige blackest black mascara
Smashbox browtech

Plum royal cremestick liner
Russian Red

Heres the link

My blog is still being funny with me so i can only insert the link and not the actually video. :(
But anyway have fun trying it out and remember you can use any color you like if you want to change it abit. 
Ciao bellas!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My top must have brushes for your kit!

Hey guys!

Sorry for slacking off a bit with my blog posts and videos, but have been busy with work, interning etc so just haven't had much time on my hands to update!
Anyway, today iv decided to blog about the most important part of!
In particular, brushes. Like an artist cannot live without his to paint, makeup artists or anyone who wish to apply makeup simply can't without top quality brushes. There are many companies on the market that sell good quality brushes so you have no excuse! :) Its important that when buying brushes, you know what to look for and how to take care of them in order for them to last you a long time.
There two types, sable (real hair) usually made from goat, squirrel etc, and synthetic or semi synthetic..oops thats three types hehe..
For powder products its usually best to go for sable because they pick up more product and can be easily washed. For anything cream or liquid, synthetic brushes are best for this, because they are easy to wash and hold up better for oils etc. Don't get me wrong though, i don't believe in rules. Therefore you can use your brushes for anything! Just as long as you wash them with shampoo and treat them with love, then they will last!
So, my top picks? I have made a list of my top brushes that i simply cannot work without, remember though, you don't need to go out and buy 50 brushes, a lot of the times they can be multi purpose.

Mac 239 
Flat stiff brush used for applying color and blending. An essential brush for eyeshadow application. Natural hair 
 Mac 224 
Fluffy dome shaped brush used for blending out eyeshadow and can also be used for concealer application (alessia's tip) Natural hair
Mac 217 
Similar to the 224, but smaller and more dense. Has more hair, which is better for blending and can also be used for applying eyeshadow in the outer eyelid or crease. This is also great for concealer. The holy grail of blending brushes. Natural hair.

Mac 219
Pencil shaped brush used for smudging out eyeshadow, eyeliner and great for detail work in the crease area of eye. Natural hair

     Smashbox slanted brow brush
     I love this because its got a double end. One end is this slanted semi       
     synthetic brush for filling in brows and the other is a straight push liner.
     Essential for brow work and also eyeliner application


Mac 187 
This brush is amazing. Commonly known as the stippling brush, this little baby is specially designed with fiber optic bristles which blend out foundation to a beautiful airbrush finish. Can also be used to apply cream blush and powder products for a lighter finish. Natural and Synthetic
They also have a smaller one which works just as well.

Mac 190
You can find this brush literally anywhere. Its a classic shaped synthetic foundation brush and applies creams, liquids, primers moisturizers..anything! A must have in any kit. Synthetic

Mac 116 
Blush brush ,you can find these anywhere. Medium sized natural bristle brush used for applying powder blush. A classic

This one is from sephora, but again you can find these anywhere. I love this brush for pressed or loose powder and bronzer.

Mac 168 angled 
This is perfect for contouring, highlighting and shading sculpting cheeks and general blush. The fact the its slanted or angled, it fits perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks :)

Those are some of my top favorite brushes, but there are many more that i use as well. It was tough trying to short list the ones i wanted to mention because I'm obsessed with brushes but these are the most essential ones you will need to complete a makeup application that looks professional and polished.
I know its a long post but i hope this will be helpful for those of you who are just starting out. Remember, an artist without tools cannot create art! I'm so cheesy! haha
Take care guys and until next time!
Ciao bellas!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Product Review: Benefit Eye Bright

Hello Chicas!

I have been absolutely in love with this product for some time now and I'm seriously recommending it to absolutely EVERYONE!
Benefit has some neat products out there that are cute in packaging and super effective. I love that the whole makeup range is designed for helping us cope with normal day to day issues we all have.
Well, enough blabber...Benefits Eye bright is this cute little chubby pink pencil that will instantly awaken your look and brighten the under eye area for that fresh wide eyed effect!
The fact that it has a slight pinky tone to it ,will help brighten under eye dark circles(used after concealer) and the inner and outer corners of the eye. 
You can even use it as a base for eyeshadow , and under the brow bone for an extra lift!
Its very creamy and easy to blend , and its perfect for keeping in your handbag for when you need those touch ups during the day!
So yeah ladies, go for it...its a staple in my kit!
Ciao bellas!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dolce and Gabbana Inspired look

Hello peeps!
Finally uploaded my video. Funny seeing me with longer hair, but will record new one today debuting my new hair style.
This look is inspired by the Dolce and Gabbana Ad with Scarlett Johansson. She looks amazing in this, very vampy and goth like but sexy at the same time. Hope you guys will enjoy this one and let me know what you think!

Products I used

MAC foundation NC40
Stila contour kit
nyz blush in peach
MAC mineralize powder medium dark

nyx runway collection pallete (the neutral one)
nyx black eyeshadow
MAC paintpot in painterly
Black kohl pencil
krayolan cake eyeliner
prestige blackest black mascara
Girls aloud cheryl cole false eyelashes
smashbox brow tech

Mac nightmoth lipliner
smashbox crystal clear gloss
Hope you enjoy the video...heres the link
Ciao Bellas!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update and Ramble

Hey all
This is just a ramble post about what Iv been up to lately and some new hair chronicles..
I haven't been able to upload my new video yet for some reason you tube wont do it or my internet connection is not working properly, really bugging me.
I cut my hair! 
My hair has gone through couple changes in the last 6 months. I died it bright carrot orange red a few months ago which was cool , i felt like a cartoon character haha but that totally ruined my hair and now i had to chop it all off! Thank God i did cause I'm absolutely loving it baby!

Check me out ... curly and carefree, straight and sexy! I feel great!

Hopefully I will get to recording more videos in the upcoming weeks, iv been busy with freelance work shoots, weddings etc so have not had any time. I also been partying too hard and been to hungover half the time! naughty me!
Anyway stay tuned...promise to bring some more tutorials and blog posts..
much love 
Ciao bellas!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Dry Skin Body Brushing!

Hello beauty geeks!

So as i finished my beauty therapy college, I am now interning at a top spa in town called Cleopatras.
They use products like Clarins and the renowned famous worldwide spa brand Elemis.
I fell in love with British born brand Elemis as soon as i started working with the products. They truly do deliver what they claim the products provide. All natural, very high standards and most importantly effective!

You really do pay for the product here and not just a name or packaging. They use first base extractions from plants and herbs, which make it more expensive but more potent, and you are guaranteed optimum results. They have been around for over 20 years now and still going strong as the worlds leading spa brand! I will be  blogging about the skincare range iv started using soon, once iv given it a couple months trial.
But today, Im going to tell you about dry skin body brushing. Elemis have many philosophies, but one that stands strong and what made Elemis a leading and popular brand is the dry body brushing with there famous Cactus body brush.
This is truly amazing. Use the brush dry every morning. Brush body in the direction of the heart (clockwise) and it will minimize appearance of cellulite. Helps improve circulation and lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system works in conjunction with your blood (circulatory system) to eliminate toxins and waste. It also removes dead skin and ex foliates, refining skin texture and improving over all skin color!
Make sure to either wash it regularly or use the tea tree spray that comes with the range after each use.
Iv been doing it for 2 days now and the difference in my skin is incredible! Soft, smooth radiant and feels like a baby's bum! :)
Until next time!

Ciao Bella's! xoxo

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Makeup photoshoot for Portfolio

Hey guys!
Just wanted to share with you a recent shoot i did. I absolutely loved the end result thanks to Tina and Mariyah whom i work with regularly and the gorgeous models of course!
 I wanted to create some clean beauty looks for my portfolio. Il break down each look for you separately, this posts look is the dark glossy eye effect which i did on beautiful Cat.

What i used
Smashbox photofinish primer
Graftobian HD cream foundation
Graftobian set translucent powder
stila contour kit
coastal scents blush pallette in the peachy bronze tone (they have no names)

eyebrows filled in with Mac espresso eyeshadow and set with clear brow gel
mac blackground paint pot as base
Mufe #92
Mac plum dressing and Parfait amour mixed
Mac carbon
Vaseline( for the glossy wet effect)

max factor nude lipliner (cant remember name, but its very light)
concealer on lips
nyx clear gloss

I hope you guys like it :) I love it ! i had so much fun shooting with the girls again and the results are truly amazing. Quick tip regarding glossy eye, its not very wearable because it creases within minutes and its usually just reserved for shoots and fashion editorials but if you still want to wear it, just use a lot of  shimmer or a metallic finish eyeshadow instead! 
Take care
Ciao bellas! xxx

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Natural Flawless Foundation tutorial

Hey guys!
Check out my new video, I do apologize for the terrible lighting but i recorded it at night and hardly have enough light in my room. But I promise il record one in the day next time so you guys can see better!
Here are the products i used in my video
Cetaphil moisturizer
Smashbox photofinish primer
MAC nc40 studiofix fluid floundation
MUFE corrector pallete #5
Benefit eye bright pencil
Smashbox Artificial light in Glow
MAC mineralize skinfinish natural powder
Nyx peach blush

Smashbox Brow tech 
Smashbox crystal Gloss

I had trouble uploading the video to my blog so heres the link!
Ciao bellas! xxx

ps..excuse my messy fringe, i had just washed it and it was sooo soft and annoying!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Product Review :Amazing Eye balm!

Hey all!
Hope your all doing well, because i am! I'm so enjoying blogging and recording makeup tutorials, and im also done with my finals so pretty happy!
So a couple months ago i had a HUGE issue with adult acne, and let me tell you it wasn't pretty!
I came back from my summer holiday in Italy and broke out in small, red, sore, sensitive rash like acne on my forehead and had it for weeks! Nothing i did would clear it up. I went on Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer, didn't work.I tried masks, ex-foliating gently to improve the regeneration of skin cells but nothing worked!
So i ended up going to the pharmacy and getting something stronger and more effective. And boy did i find it!
I was prescribed benzyl peroxide cream 10 percent and zinc tablets (as well as replenishing my B complex)
Some of you may not know, but zinc is a fantastic anti oxidant mineral, which helps fight free radicals that contribute to damaged and ageing skin!
So i started taking my supplements, and applying the cream morning and night (as well as protecting my skin with 50 spf) because the peroxide cream makes your skin photosensitive (sun sensitive) and if you dont protect it it can lead to pigmentation.
Two weeks later, my forehead cleared up! I was so happy, but the skin around my eyes became super dry and flaky and uncomfortable. So i after trying out several drugstore brands to no avail, i made my way to one of my favorite organic stores L'Occitane En Provence!

Let me tell you the miracle eye cream i bought!
The wonderful shea butter eye balm!
This is what they say :

This balm provides immediate action to improve surface hydration and stop feelings of discomfort and tightness. With its rich and silky smooth texture, it acts like a comforting caress on the skin: smoothes fine dehydration lines, provides the skin with non-stop, 24-hour intensive hydration, and protects the skin against harsh climatic conditions.
 It really did do just was amazing and still is, i use it morning and night and it got rid of the dryness and is so smooth and moisturizing i absolutely love it!


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