Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The History of makeup kits

Hey guys,
I stumbled upon this amazing website that has pictures of old makeup kits..some of these are from the 1900s  which is pretty cool to see... enjoy!

1900 Stage makeup kit, probably for a white male.

 Complete professional actor's kit in it's original tin box, most probably used by a white male in the early 20th century.

Complete and unused white female Max Factor theatrical "student" kit in original box (1940's?)
This one has fake stage money in it...circa 1920s
This one probably belonged to a male actor 
various cream eyeshadow, or greasepaints

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I find it fascinating to learn about what they used to use back in the day for stage and film, but the best is when you actually get to see it for yourself. To me these are relics :) 

Until next time!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to choose the correct foundation

When it comes to choosing the correct foundation, many people think they know how to but they actually make some common mistakes. Unless you have studied makeup or are a makeup junky, its most likely you do not know how to correctly match your own foundation. 
I have compiled a couple of pointers for you to follow when you go out on the search for a foundation. I know this is a long post, but it covers all you need to know about foundation application. Remember, if your foundations is not right, the rest of your makeup will suffer. 

  1. To start off, you must identify your skin type. Is your skin dry, oily, combination or normal? This is very important when choosing a foundation because nowadays there are foundations to match skin types. This is important if you want a foundation that will suit your skin type. Imagine if your skin is dry and you get a foundation for oily will end up with even drier skin!Why? Because the one for oily skin is designed to prevent shine and will mattify. Get it? :)
  2. Identify your skin tone/ethnicity. This is important. You need to know what undertone your skin has. Most ethnicities are of a yellow undertone. Fairer skins usually have a more pinkish or warmer undertone. Once you have determined this, you can correctly choose the color of foundation. I prefer using yellow undertones because they are more naturally found in the skin. If you are fair, your skin usually looks more pink. To tone this down, a yellow based foundation is best. Once you have determined your undertone, you can proceed with a dark or light or anything in between which fits you.
  3. Decide what texture and finish you want. When you know what colour is best for you, you now need to decide what type of finish you want. There are many different finishes and textures now out on the market
  • Matte- no shine finish, usually looks very flat and is best for oilier skins. Normally it gives the most coverage. This is best used in photography or on film/tv
  • Satin- a semi matte finish but still shows some skin. Its good for most skin types if you want that natural look but with coverage.
  • Glow- this was made famous by Jennifer Lopez, the J lo glow. Its usually a satin finish but with a more natural finish that captures light and gives you a healthy radiant look. Perfect for the summer months.
  • Shimmer- this is normally a high shine foundation look best kept for fashion/editorials. Its got a shine shimmer pigment in it and if you have oily skin, it will enhance all your pores and you will look like a disco ball 
  • Tint- the sheerest of them all, usually in a tinted moisturizer. Its extremely light and just evens out the skin tone giving you an even finish but no coverage. Best for normal clear skin that don't need coverage

  • Liquid- the most popular. From really sheer to full coverage. 
  • Cream- the highest amount of pigment, therefore has the most coverage. Good for photography/film and drier skins
  • Cream to powder- relatively newer on the market. It has a creamy consistency, but dries to a powder finish. Great for combination skins 
  • Powders- these are powder foundations. 2 in 1 where it does everything in one application. It gives coverage and sets. Usually good for everyday use and is great for oily skins. If you have a drier skin, you may not like this. 
      4. Decide the amount of coverage you want. Do you want a sheer one? A full coverage? A medium natural coverage? Or maybe just a tint? This can be determined by identifying whether you need to cover any blemishes, discoloration or if you want a heavier look.

  • Always match your foundation to the rest of your body. The most common mistake is matching it to your face or the neck. The neck is the lightest part of your body because it doesn't catch any sunlight therefore remains much lighter then everywhere else. 
  • When you match a foundation and it completely disappears into the skin, it means its the right color for you.
  • Foundation is supposed to be your second skin. It must not be obvious. If it is, it defeats the purpose. 
  • If you need to conceal any blemishes or discolorations, use a concealer after you apply foundation. This way you wont cake it on!
  • Remember, if you need to take photographs, be wary of foundations with too much spf. The titanium dioxide will reflect the flash in the cameras and give you a ghost white face!
  • Always blend it to perfection! There is nothing worse then seeing foundation streaks and marks where it hasn't been blended in!
  • Use a brush to apply it. If you use a sponge, make sure to wet it, this will prevent it from absorbing all the product in it and wasting it.
  • If you choose to apply it with your fingers, please make sure you wash your hands to prevent from spreading germs onto your skin. Using fingers can be amazing due to the heat production from skin to skin. Great for blending it in to a natural finish.
  • Always set with a light dusting of powder to keep the foundation in place all day. 

Hope this helps and if you have any further questions, send me a message and i will do my best to answer them!

Ciao bellas!

My top 10 neutral MAC eyeshadows!

Hello everyone!

So the other day at a shoot, I was sitting in between touch ups and had a thought...what if I didn't have any mac eyeshadow? What would I do without my favorite ones? Scary thought. So that inspired me to write a list of the ones I cannot live without that I reach for all the time. These are mainly from my neutral palette, because mac does the best (in my opinion) hehe :) Enjoy!

Satin Taupe
Taupe with silver shimmer(Frost) 
Gorgeous all over the eyelid and goes with anything. Great for a soft smoky eye. I love it on brown and blue eyes.

Muted golden brown (satin)
Perfect to fill in brows and to lightly contour the crease

Burgundy with red shimmer (velvet)
Beautiful shade to contour the outer eyelid and as an all over smoky colour. Makes green eyes pop!

Muted golden brown (matte)
The perfect shade for filling in brows,contouring the crease 
and as a neutral shade for pretty much anything!

soft creamy beige(satin)
The best for all over base or a natural highlight under the brow

warm antique gold (veluxe pearl)
My all time favorite bronze gold goes on anyone, but especially on blue eyes, really makes them pop!

Gold brown with gold bronze shimmer (frost)
Truly the best true bronze. Perfect for weddings,natural smoky eyes and day makeup.This is really pops on green/blue eyes

red brown with bronze pearl (velvet)
Love this gorgeous red brown for a warm smoky eye or just anything really. Such a versatile brown


Taupe brown with golden pearl (frost)
One of my all time favorite mac eyeshadow that i cannot replace anywhere else. A soft gold with a slight taupe tint. Such a unique color

red brown with green pearl (satin)
This is a fantastic unique color. Depending on the base you use can either look green or brown. Duo Chrome love it love it love it !

There are many more that I love but these are the ones I always reach out for. I do love many other brands as well. I will do some more top favorites in the next coming posts. What are your favorite mac eyeshadows?

Ciao bellas!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Hey guys!
This is going to be a short and sweet update. I am sorry iv been away, but had the opportunity to work on the set of the still in production Mission Impossible 4 movie installment assisting the makeup department. It was a fantastic 3 days and i had such a blast! Tom Cruise is pretty awesome! Now i'm sick with the flu so wont be doing much until i get better! No one wants to see sniffy red nosed alessia making makeup tutorials haha!

Stay tuned though i have some amazing videos coming up...
Ciao bellas!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The best makeup remover EVER

Happy Eid to all !

This is the best makeup remover on the PLANET!
Seriously, removing makeup is KEY to having clean beautiful skin, so a good makeup remover is pretty hard to find.
I have tried and tested a few but none would remove my mascara or eyeliner very well (yucky black marks on pillow). I found this in beauty bay Oasis Center mall about a year ago and to this day its been my savior.
I have had Lasik so my eyes are super sensitive and i wear a lot of eye makeup regularly so this breaks it down and removes it tears free :)

The Balm, Balms away eye makeup break up is the way to go chicas!
Fortified with antioxidants, vitamins A,C and E and plant derived sterols and lipids, this smooth wax based makeup remover breaks up eye makeup in no time and doesn't sting or irritate the delicate eye area.
Apply a small pea sized amount and gently massage the whole eye area and remove with damp cotton pads!
I love it!
Until next time 
Ciao bella's 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peel away dull skin!

Hey guys

I'm back with another review. Sorry iv been away for a while but just so busy with work. I have recently been qualified in ELEMIS facials as part of my beauty therapy work and so happy about that. I got to work with all their products and let me tell you i am sold!
I have tried and tested many skincare brands, clinique, khiels, lancome, Nivea, Cetaphil, Drugstore brands like Olay, Neutrogena etc you name it, my skin has tried it. I have always changed skincare because Id be happy with something then id change my mind. 
Elemis is a fantastic brand and il be doing a full video review sometime in the next week or so where Il explain in more detail and show you my entire skincare routine

For now i'm raving about this scrumptious, beautiful, divine exfoliator, Papaya Enzyme peel.
This is not a scrub, its a non granular leave on enzyme rich cream exfoliator. Enzymes are catalysts that speed up an action in cells, therefore nibble at your skin peeling away the dead surface skin and leaving you with a fresh smooth even and brighter complexion. They are normally fruit or plant based enzymes and this one has papain (papaya) and pineapple. 
The scent is absolutely divine, i kid you not you will love it. Perfect for drier skins but great even if you have combination skin or oily skin.If your skin is very reactive or sensitive, this might be too stimulating for you.  It is packed with Anti Oxidant rich Vitamin E and marine algae to repair and nourish the skin leaving you with a dull free face! Leave it on for 10-15 mins and apply it twice a week.
This peel does WONDERS for mature skin thanks to the milk protein and marine extracts which feed the skin. 
You can find it in top spas world wide and select department stores. 

Thanks for stopping by
Ciao bellas!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ruby eyes/Red eyeshadow Trend Holiday tutorial

Hope you guys like it!
Sorry Iv been away for a while but super busy with training with Elemis and work. Will do my best to update you and blog more.
Ciao bellas!


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