Thursday, June 16, 2011

Once upon a time in MAC

Hey Chics!

I was reently browsing through my old picture files on my computer and I came across some oldies back when i was still working at MAC. Sometimes (if i could be bothered) I would take pictures of my makeup applications. Nothing professional just photos of my work. I am so happy I have started to branch out from MAC and my style has also changed alot.

MAC has a very distinct style which they teach to all the staff who work there. It can be very drag like sometimes. Its funny because once I was told by a very famous makeup artist in Dubai to change my style which was "too MAC". Best thing I ever did. are some pics...before and after MAC.



I can honestly thank MAC for teaching me some amazing precious skills and I still love the brand very much, but as an artist its important in order to grow to always improve, update and be open to experimentation!

Until next time!
Ciao Bellas!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Zap those Zits!

Hello gorgeous peeps!

It has been so long since I'v blogged. Well frankly I grew abit tired and bored of it really. I have been so busy lately because I'v moved into my own apartment. I will post pics when I can.
I have been using this mask for quite some time now and i really like it.

Sulphur is a mineral used in skincare mainly for acne or comgested skin. It has a drying effect as well as antibacterial and germicidal. Well if you have alot of acne, or suffer from breakouts occasionally you MUST use Sulphur.

You can buy readymade sulphur masks and apply a small pea sized amount on the affected area overnight or use it as an overall weekly mask.Be careful though it can be very drying so use it sparingly.
I use the Proactiv refining Sulphur mask, but you can find one that works for you! I dont particularly like the Proactiv range in general but I like this mask for zapping those monthly spots!

I have seen a significant increase in my followers, thank you for subscribing and hope to continue to help and inspire!
Ciao Bellas!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 Summer Beauty tips...Sizzle dont burn!

Hey chicas!

Wow its been a while since I updated my blog, I have been so busy with work and just generally not interested in spending every second of my day on the internet. Blogging is fun, but I dont take it super seriously as I enjoy living my life and interacting with people in person.

Anyway, since summer is approaching and frankly its already getting damn hot here in Dubai here are some tips to keep you looking Hot and not like a sweaty drenched camel...

  1. SPF!!!!!!! Guys seriously, were not in the 70s anymore, wear sun protection of a minimum of 15, we all know now how bad UVA and UVB rays do to our skin. By the way, UVA rays are the ones responisble for Ageing, and UVB rays for yes both happens whether your dark skinned or fair.
  2. To keep foundation lasting all day, or atleast a good 8 hours, wear a mattifying primer. Especially if you have oily skin.
  3. Keep blotting pads with you instead of re applying powder which by the end of the day you will most definately look like the wax version of Joan collins in Madame Tusauds.
  4. Avoid using bright colored lipgloss..unless you want to look like your drooling (and not because there's a hot lifegaurd staring at you)
  5. Cream blush looks gorgeous and natural and gives you that youthful glow!
  6. Avoid wearing so much eye makeup, especially in the day because lets be frank it never really stays perfect in this weather anyway
  7. Please please blend your foundation into your neck, seriously! =)
  8. If your going for the fake tan, GET IT RIGHT or just skip it. If using bronzer, apply it where you naturally tan on the higher planes of the face like the cheekbones, temples etc. Looking like an Oompa Loompa or a carrot for that matter wont get you a free cocktail!
  9. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner is best suited for humid weather, keep the racoon eye/Goth look for winter! (yes it was in vogue last season)
  10. Use a highlighter, why? Because its beautiful. It gives you radiance and makes you look like J Lo. Just avoid really shimmery ones unless you want to look like a disco ball.
Hope these tips help! Have fun in the sun!
Ales xoxo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Perfect Peach

So the other day while browsing the makeup shops "as usual", I was actually on the search for the perfect peach blush. I wanted a matte finish, peach with no pink in it whatsoever. I know MAC does peaches, but im so bored of the same old products and I used that one to death when I worked there.
I didnt find one unfortanely. However, I did find an eyeshadow. Benefit's powder eyeshadow in "shallow" was the perfect peach. I tried it on my cheeks and Voila!

The great thing about makeup is that you dont always have to play by the rules. I have been wearing this eyeshadow as blush all week and i love it! I will show you how it looks on my cheeks soon.  It is so longlasting, even more so than regular blush formulas!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NYX Makeup Box review


Quick review of another product i purchased recently. The NYX makeup box.

Really suprised at the quality of this. Normally ready made makeup sets have less pigment than individual lines but not this one. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and last over 8 hours (full work day) perfectly with minimal creasing. I use concealer as a base or an eyeliner and they stick so well and are so vibrant. The blushes are pretty as well and theres also a highlighter. Lipstick is gorgeous, very pugmented and longlasting. I never use the brushes that come with it because frankly they arent any good. Its very affordable too, definately worth it.
Love this palette, been using it all week :)


Flawless Face

So I thought I would share something with you guys in regards to getting that "perfect" flawless finish when you apply foundation. There is no question about it, how important moisture is for our skin. Well, I did a test.
Normally, I would apply a normal size pea amount of moisturizer evenly on my face, primer then foundation. The result would be an even finish, BUT, there's always room for improvement.

This time I LATHERED my face in Cetaphil moisturizer, which is extremely rich and my skin just soaks it up with a foundation brush and followed it with my liquid foundatin (that moment I picked up MACs studio fix).
WOW! The result was absolutely beautiful. My foundation went on like butter and just "melted" into my skin which resulted in a beyond flawless amazing smooth finish and it looked natural.

So have a look, a before and after picture :) Yes my skin is not perfect, but I can fake it, oh yes I can! If your skin is oily, chances are you wont need as much moisturizer, but if you drench your skin with something oil free, the results are mindblowing!

I honestly can say that this is the BEST way to prime and prepare your skin. I didnt even use my usual primers like smashbox or L'oreal resurfacing. My skin just drank up all the moisture and foundation is now undetectable, which is how it should be.
Try it, it will amaze you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Affordable Lip gloss Review

Hey averyone

Hope your all doing good, iv been busy at work so had for me to keep my blog updated. Anyways, today im going to be reviewing some pretty lipglosses from NYX.
NYX has been around for quite some time and its an american brand that isnt quite drugstore, but its also not high end.
I absolutely love the brand. It sometimes rivals MAC in terms of pigment quality and color selection. I have tried the lipsticks, eyeshadows,jumbo pencils,lipliners and blush and i can honestly say its top quality. Obviously there is a few hit and miss but over all you can definately find some gems without breaking the bank.
So i picked up couple of lipglosses the other day and im in love with them!

This is a really perfect "nude" lipgloss without making you look dead. Its got a rose undertone and mimics the natural color of the lips. Its very creamy and not sticky like MAC glosses and it doesnt smell funny
Love it

Tea rose
This is a pretty rosey pink, which glides on creamy very much like the MAC cremesheens. It just feels like butter! I think this would look great on everyone!

My overall opinion is these lipglosses can easily be duped for some of the MAC ones. I dont believe in investing in such things like lipgloss because the ingredients are usually the same and your only paying for either packaging or the name. NYX is a great affordable quality brand and i always buy from them.

Images courtesy of

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Hey everyone!

Just a quick update in regards to why i havent made any youtube tutorials and why my blog isnt being updated regularly. I now have a fulltime job as a beauty therapy and makeup artistry teacher at Academie Esthetique, which is a french beauty school here in Dubai. Its an excellent opportunity and im happy to be taking up a new and exciting role in the beauty industry.
I am still freelancing on the weekends doing makeup, but I am so overloaded with work, class modules, preparations for students etc that by the time i get home im exhausted and making a youtube tutorial is quite the task. I do however, promise to make some time on the weekends to do some. Maybe i will pre record a few.
I hope you all understand and every now and then stop and check if i have updated my blog and youtube channel, just wont be as often as i would like it to be.

On another note, i have switched my skincare routine, AGAIN. From using Elemis, i am now using Proactive solution. It is a medicated routine for mild to moderate acne as i have been having awful breakouts the last few months. I am hoping this will help as i have heard good things about it. The main ingrediant is Benzyl peroxide which dries out acne. Anyway will keep you updated on the results.

Have a good day and i will chat to you all soon! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 makeup trends

Hey everyone!

I am absolutely loving the Spring/Summer makeup trends that have been all over the runway! Check them out and take some inspiration from them to update your look. They are by far the best trends set in quite some my opinion :) This season its all fun,wearable,daring and most of all FASHIONABLE!


 Pastel shades have been dominating the runway. From soft washes of lavender, to beautiful light and airy shades of pink,yellow,blue and greens. They are great if you want a more natural look. Brighten and liven up your complexion for a more youuthful playful spring!

Bright eyes

The Christian Dior shows were a perfect example of the bright eye makeup trend. The legendary makeup artist Pat Mcgrath and her team created block colours of acid greens, reds and oranges paired up with false eyelashes lots of mascara and matte skin. The key to this look is to use no more than two eyeshadows. This is great if you want to be bold, daring and have fun with your makeup.

Bold lips 

Red, fucshia, hot pink, orange you name it. Lips are bold, bright and hot this season. Keep skin clean and natural with an added touch of mascara to define eyes and let those luscious lips do the talking!

Smoke it

Smoky eyes never go out of style and seem to be a trend every season. This season use soft greys and blues with a hint of black to keep it sexy modern and fresh for those summer nights.

Bold lips and eyes

The rule has always been to play up one feature or another. This time were going to break the rules and have some fun! Play up those peepers and enhance those lips for a statement look. Keep it monochrome and in harmony with eachother for a more modern feel. This look isn't for the faint hearted!


The no makeup makeup look is always in trend for those who want to still look like themselves, but only better. Work with the natural contours and highlights of your face with soft browns,beiges and bone shades. Keep blush to a minimum by using it lightly and sparingly to give that natural "flush" using peaches and baby pinks.
Images by Google Images

Thanks for stopping by!
Ales xxx

Monday, January 24, 2011

Its a Brow story!

Hey guys!

Lets talk brows...

The eyebrows are the frame of your face! The shape size and colour determine how the rest of your face will look. They are the backbone of your features. Brows can make or break your face! They are also a key feature that determine emotions and expressions in you eyes and overall face. If your angry, sad, happy etc.

So what is the best shape? It depends on a couple of key factors...
  • Face shape
  • Eye shape
  • Overall features
  • Fashion
  • Growth rate of hair

Here are some tips on the perfect brows...
  • Brows are sisters not twins, so no matter how hard you try they will never look identical, unless they are tattoed.
  • When filling in the brows for more depth or changing the shape, eyeshadow is softer and more natural then pencil
  • If you have blonde or light hair, choose a colour thats two or three shades darker, like a soft brown or beige
  • If you have dark brown or black hair, choose a colour thats two or three shades lighter so as to not overpower your brows (unless this is the look your going for to follow fashion trends)
  • Use a mascara wand or an eyebrow brush to comb unruly hairs and set it with some clear brow gel or clear mascara for a clean and polished look
  • If you want to tint your brows make sure you know what your doing and your being safe, remember your working close to your eyes!
  • Dont follow fashion with your brows, fashion changes constantly and if your brows dont suit you it can really get you down, instead opt for tinting them lighter so you can slightly change the shape with makeup without having to get rid of them
  • Find a good eyebrow artist and make sure she knows what she is doing and that she listens to your needs, when you found her, stick to her! :)
  • If you have angular features with a sharp jawline eg. square face, opt for a softer arch to soften the face and balance it out. If you have a rounder more plump face, then have sharper looking brows to define your features more. If your face is long, your arch should be minimal to minimize height.
  • Remember, thin tadpole brows are SO NOT FLATTERING, They age you 10 years! So keep your brows full to look youthful.

There is a huge misconception when it comes to where your brow should start, and that is that it should start from the end of you nostrils. WRONG! If you have a wide nose, you will look ridiculous! Instead, have them start at the beginning of the bridge of your nose. Here is a diagram to show you an example...

The brow should begin just abit further in from your eye, the arch should be soft with the highest point just passing the end of the iris and then it should finish just about at the end of the eye. This again is a guidline, not everyone is blessed with full eyebrows to start shaping them so try your best to follow this with what you already have. A good tip is to use stencils, which are very popular on the market nowadays.

Eyebrow Tattoo

I have NEVER liked the idea of tattoing in the brows because it is permanent not to mention it goes green!
I have met many women that are so beautful but there face just looks off because of badly tattoed brows. Girls, just stick to makeup and if you absolutely must tattoo then atleast make sure you have the right shape for you and you regularly fill them in to prevent them going green.
There is nothing worse than looking permantly angry or like an evil witch because you didnt do your homework!

Hope this helps you get that perfect Brow wow!

Ales xxx

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Im back! Update and Creativity

Hey everyone!

Happy New year! Its been so long since i updated my blog and my youtube channel. Almost a whole month! I have been incredibly sick since new year. I got the worst flu of my life and was stuck in bed for about 2 and a half weeks with fever cold chest infection from hell the works!
I do apologize for being MIA BUT i just didnt have the motivation or physical strength to do anything!

I also have been going through some life changes and been extremely out of it for the past month so just havent been in the right frame of mind to be blogging sharing or recording.
Annnyways....i am back and hopefully will be recording a few videos soon. I bought a new laptop and the editing program is so hard to use so im still trying to figure it out.

Enough rambling...
I have been creative in the this time iv been away in the form of painting.
I consider myself an artist and i used to paint more often but i couldnt do it in my own time because i used to go to this art house called jamjar.They had a 4 hour time limit on painting and i just like to take my time and not rush art. Now i have purchased all the supplies for home use. I bought canvases, surfaces,pastels,oil paints,acrylic paint,mediums, brushes and even an easel! I am so excited to show you some of my work...hope you enjoy it. :)
This was done in jamjar in 2009. Its my first ever artwork. Acrylic on canvas.
"Crimson nights"

My new easel,palette and brushes..This is one of my latest paintings. Acrylic on primed gesso board.

This one was done early 2010. Acrylic on canvas

Done last week...Soft pastels
Done last week i was on a painting roll! Acrylic and soft pastels "mixed media"
its stll not quite done yet.

Done in 2009. Acrylic on canvas
This was inspired by the 4 elements of life
The eye in the middle signifies life.

I hopy you all enjoyed seeing my creations. I try and paint as much as i can because its liberating relaxing and makes me completely zone out. It makes me happy :)
Stay tuned for my next post on Eyebrow 101 : ) totally different topic! haha


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