Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Perfect Peach

So the other day while browsing the makeup shops "as usual", I was actually on the search for the perfect peach blush. I wanted a matte finish, peach with no pink in it whatsoever. I know MAC does peaches, but im so bored of the same old products and I used that one to death when I worked there.
I didnt find one unfortanely. However, I did find an eyeshadow. Benefit's powder eyeshadow in "shallow" was the perfect peach. I tried it on my cheeks and Voila!

The great thing about makeup is that you dont always have to play by the rules. I have been wearing this eyeshadow as blush all week and i love it! I will show you how it looks on my cheeks soon.  It is so longlasting, even more so than regular blush formulas!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NYX Makeup Box review


Quick review of another product i purchased recently. The NYX makeup box.

Really suprised at the quality of this. Normally ready made makeup sets have less pigment than individual lines but not this one. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and last over 8 hours (full work day) perfectly with minimal creasing. I use concealer as a base or an eyeliner and they stick so well and are so vibrant. The blushes are pretty as well and theres also a highlighter. Lipstick is gorgeous, very pugmented and longlasting. I never use the brushes that come with it because frankly they arent any good. Its very affordable too, definately worth it.
Love this palette, been using it all week :)


Flawless Face

So I thought I would share something with you guys in regards to getting that "perfect" flawless finish when you apply foundation. There is no question about it, how important moisture is for our skin. Well, I did a test.
Normally, I would apply a normal size pea amount of moisturizer evenly on my face, primer then foundation. The result would be an even finish, BUT, there's always room for improvement.

This time I LATHERED my face in Cetaphil moisturizer, which is extremely rich and my skin just soaks it up with a foundation brush and followed it with my liquid foundatin (that moment I picked up MACs studio fix).
WOW! The result was absolutely beautiful. My foundation went on like butter and just "melted" into my skin which resulted in a beyond flawless amazing smooth finish and it looked natural.

So have a look, a before and after picture :) Yes my skin is not perfect, but I can fake it, oh yes I can! If your skin is oily, chances are you wont need as much moisturizer, but if you drench your skin with something oil free, the results are mindblowing!

I honestly can say that this is the BEST way to prime and prepare your skin. I didnt even use my usual primers like smashbox or L'oreal resurfacing. My skin just drank up all the moisture and foundation is now undetectable, which is how it should be.
Try it, it will amaze you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Affordable Lip gloss Review

Hey averyone

Hope your all doing good, iv been busy at work so had for me to keep my blog updated. Anyways, today im going to be reviewing some pretty lipglosses from NYX.
NYX has been around for quite some time and its an american brand that isnt quite drugstore, but its also not high end.
I absolutely love the brand. It sometimes rivals MAC in terms of pigment quality and color selection. I have tried the lipsticks, eyeshadows,jumbo pencils,lipliners and blush and i can honestly say its top quality. Obviously there is a few hit and miss but over all you can definately find some gems without breaking the bank.
So i picked up couple of lipglosses the other day and im in love with them!

This is a really perfect "nude" lipgloss without making you look dead. Its got a rose undertone and mimics the natural color of the lips. Its very creamy and not sticky like MAC glosses and it doesnt smell funny
Love it

Tea rose
This is a pretty rosey pink, which glides on creamy very much like the MAC cremesheens. It just feels like butter! I think this would look great on everyone!

My overall opinion is these lipglosses can easily be duped for some of the MAC ones. I dont believe in investing in such things like lipgloss because the ingredients are usually the same and your only paying for either packaging or the name. NYX is a great affordable quality brand and i always buy from them.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Hey everyone!

Just a quick update in regards to why i havent made any youtube tutorials and why my blog isnt being updated regularly. I now have a fulltime job as a beauty therapy and makeup artistry teacher at Academie Esthetique, which is a french beauty school here in Dubai. Its an excellent opportunity and im happy to be taking up a new and exciting role in the beauty industry.
I am still freelancing on the weekends doing makeup, but I am so overloaded with work, class modules, preparations for students etc that by the time i get home im exhausted and making a youtube tutorial is quite the task. I do however, promise to make some time on the weekends to do some. Maybe i will pre record a few.
I hope you all understand and every now and then stop and check if i have updated my blog and youtube channel, just wont be as often as i would like it to be.

On another note, i have switched my skincare routine, AGAIN. From using Elemis, i am now using Proactive solution. It is a medicated routine for mild to moderate acne as i have been having awful breakouts the last few months. I am hoping this will help as i have heard good things about it. The main ingrediant is Benzyl peroxide which dries out acne. Anyway will keep you updated on the results.

Have a good day and i will chat to you all soon! :)


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