Thursday, June 16, 2011

Once upon a time in MAC

Hey Chics!

I was reently browsing through my old picture files on my computer and I came across some oldies back when i was still working at MAC. Sometimes (if i could be bothered) I would take pictures of my makeup applications. Nothing professional just photos of my work. I am so happy I have started to branch out from MAC and my style has also changed alot.

MAC has a very distinct style which they teach to all the staff who work there. It can be very drag like sometimes. Its funny because once I was told by a very famous makeup artist in Dubai to change my style which was "too MAC". Best thing I ever did. are some pics...before and after MAC.



I can honestly thank MAC for teaching me some amazing precious skills and I still love the brand very much, but as an artist its important in order to grow to always improve, update and be open to experimentation!

Until next time!
Ciao Bellas!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Zap those Zits!

Hello gorgeous peeps!

It has been so long since I'v blogged. Well frankly I grew abit tired and bored of it really. I have been so busy lately because I'v moved into my own apartment. I will post pics when I can.
I have been using this mask for quite some time now and i really like it.

Sulphur is a mineral used in skincare mainly for acne or comgested skin. It has a drying effect as well as antibacterial and germicidal. Well if you have alot of acne, or suffer from breakouts occasionally you MUST use Sulphur.

You can buy readymade sulphur masks and apply a small pea sized amount on the affected area overnight or use it as an overall weekly mask.Be careful though it can be very drying so use it sparingly.
I use the Proactiv refining Sulphur mask, but you can find one that works for you! I dont particularly like the Proactiv range in general but I like this mask for zapping those monthly spots!

I have seen a significant increase in my followers, thank you for subscribing and hope to continue to help and inspire!
Ciao Bellas!


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